What is the Scattered Authors' Society?

The SAS is a group of authors for children and teenagers, all of whom have been professionally published. There are nearly 300 of us scattered across the country, and our membership is growing all the time. We are not a centrally-organised group; more a network that shares a love of writing and books, supports each other in the difficult market of children's publishing and counteracts the isolated nature of writing.

The SAS meets a couple of times a year for residential weekends, and more informally at lunches organised around the United Kingdom. In between times, members keep in touch with each other online and via the SAS newsletter.

We welcome new members as long as they have a contract in place with a traditional publisher or have been traditionally published in the past. If you would like to join us, please click on Contact the SAS for further details.

If you are looking for an author to come to your school, library or other type of event, please click on Author Visits. 

Some of the SAS members contribute to a daily blog about writing for children and other things. Click on An Awfully Big Blog Adventure to see the latest pearls of wisdom!

You can also read specialised group blogs from our members and other writers for children:

Crime Central focuses on crime writing for teenagers and young adults

Girls ♥ Books is a collection of over thirty authors who write books specifically for girls aged 8-14

The History Girls is a blog by writers of historical fiction for young people

Picture Book Den is all about picture books (writing, illustrating, and much more)